Mañaneros. El sonido de lo inevitable

[MR_01EP2011] Mañaneros was a chilean band. Created on 2011 under the premise of continuous experimentation with different latin rhythms and avant-garde sonic textures. Their biggest influences were peruvian cumbia, tribal guarachero, chilean folk, dub end electronic músic. Most of their workflow in musical production and influences became the cornerstone of what became Mañana Records today. The band decided to end their “musical project” after their 4th album “Chacal”, released on 2016, to pursue different artistic paths.

Their first EP, el “Sonido de lo Inevitable” is an always changing 5 tracks piece, going from tribal to bossa nova with highlights of “El Volcan”, one of the “30 best songs of 2011 by Club Fonorgrama”, and “Baby Tropical”, an “internet-esque” tribal full of sonic textures and latin crazyness.

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